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Blum Tip-On Push-To-Open Touch Latches For Self-Closing Hinges, Screw-Mount

This spring-loaded push latch is ideal when you want a clean look for your cabinets, with no pulls or knobs

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Features Push to open mdash no pull or knobs requiredDurable rubber bumper prevents damage to door mdash no catch plate requiredWorks in both Euro and face frame applications both overlay and inset For face frame applications, a mounting block is required behind the face frameUse with Euro-style self-closing hinges only Tip-On has no magnet or latch to hold the door closed Recommended for doors 10'' wide and widerDue to varying door sizes and weights, a trial installation is recommended

The Tip-On can be press-fit directly into the cabinet end panel by drilling a 10mm hole 3'' deep, or surface-mounted with the included Screw-Mount Adaptor

To close, simply press the door until the plunger engages with the barrel your self-closing hinges will then serve to keep the door closed

To open your door, simply press gently and the Tip-On will push it open approximately 1-1/2'', enough to easily reach behind to open it with your fingers